Welcome to Entourage Concierge, the next level in lifestyle management,
the ultimate in flawless service and luxury.

At Entourage Concierge we are dedicated lifestyle experts, providing tailored solutions that make our clients’ lives flourish. Our ingenuity in accessing the best in the world through our global network of unparalleled contacts and partners enables us to bring together the finest teams of people to enrich and collectively curate the most exceptional life possible for our clients.

As a private members concierge to the most discreet and discerning individuals around the world, we provide a truly bespoke and comprehensive lifestyle management service.

With a membership to Entourage Concierge, every client has a personal Lifestyle Manager and Assistant with a focus on building a strong relationship so all likes, dislikes, wants and needs of the client are known, inspiring a proactive approach to luxury.

Starting with an initial in-depth discussion to establish the relationship, the Lifestyle Manager will then be on call any time of day to ensure that any needs are met and that whatever is being organised will be personalised and attended to with the utmost perfection and attention to detail.

We are global lifestyle experts, providing bespoke knowledge in diverse fields, helping our clients achieve anything, wherever they are and whatever the time.

Welcome to the world of Entourage Concierge, how may we help you today?

With a membership to Entourage Concierge, you will have a team ready to help you with any requirements or desires you may have. From managing life’s daily logistics to curating uniquely memorable events, no request is ever unattainable.

With advanced knowledge in diverse areas, we are experts in the world of concierge. Through innate understanding we are devoted to making our clients lives hassle free, by providing bespoke lifestyle solutions with the utmost care. Our areas of expertise include: reservations at the hottest restaurants across the globe; tickets to incredible sporting, musical and cultural events; impossible-to-get luxury items; supercar, private jet and yacht hire and acquisition; event and party planning; sourcing of household staff; and so much more.

With perfection and the highest quality of bespoke service ensured at every stage, Entourage Concierge has built an impressive and loyal client list across the globe.


We are known for planning extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime trips for our clients. We have in-depth knowledge of the best hotels, retreats and private homes around the world, places that are so unique and private that only we have access to them.

From last-minute getaways in stunning boutique hotels, to truly bespoke excursions in luxury and remote destinations, our expertise will provide a seamless travel experience and a truly memorable adventure. From packing and arranging luggage transport, to transfers and flights, to the actual adventure itself, no aspect of travel needs to be a stress but only an experience designed to enrich our client’s lives.

Entourage Travel: Creating memories through meaningful travel experiences with a positive impact

Travel Deeper… High Luxury… Low Impact…


Personal contacts at the top property and development companies around the world allow our clients an insider advantage in a very competitive market. We can assist with a variety of aspects within the property industry, including primary and international residential search; property development; interior architecture and design; home maintenance including gardening and landscaping services; security and much more.


With an incredible network of cultural specialists at our fingertips, we are able to open doors to private worlds for our clients, curating and advising on various aspects of luxury investment and enjoyment. A few areas we specialise in include art collecting and acquisitions, personal styling services with top fashion stylists, and exclusive access to the best art, fashion, cultural, music and sporting events and parties in the world. A membership to Entourage Concierge gives our clients privileged access to the most exclusive events and top talent in the world.


At Entourage Concierge we believe in the generational legacy of our clients and in the cultivation of new knowledge. We work with the best education specialists in the world to help our clients and their children understand educational systems across the globe. Areas we can help with include: private tuition and unbiased school advice; pre-school prep, exam and OXBRIDGE prep; adult learning and undergraduate help; academic assessments; relocation advice and so much more.