At Entourage Projects we specialise in curating the best teams of people to see a client’s dream go from an initial vision through to a reality.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Project Management
  • Clients: Acquisition and retention strategies combined with curated experiences
  • Brand Consulting: Brand Creation, PR/Marketing, Strategy, Development and Growth
  • Networking: Introducing clients to new brands, connecting our clients to each other when there is a synergy or opportunity to develop
  • Fundraising: For new projects, for charitable causes, and for growing existing businesses
  • Project Research: Initial research into an idea or business; due diligence and enhanced due diligence; fact checking; and comprehensive legal and financial research
  • And much more…


For over a decade Entourage Collection has worked with the world’s most incredible brands, helping them connect and engage with their most coveted audience, the UHNWI. Entourage has extensive experience working with these individuals both privately and at a corporate level and has an intimate understanding of their lives, requirements, and visions.

Understanding both the luxury sector and these individuals, Entourage is in a unique position to help businesses adapt themselves to identify and accommodate this highly desired group of individuals. The way this group live, travel, and spend their money has changed significantly over the past 10 years, but many brands have not. Entourage is positioned at an amazing nexus between brand and consumer, to help curate and consult brands to the point of change and beyond.

At Entourage Projects we make ideas concretely achievable by providing tailored solutions at every stage with achievable KPIs.

Our portfolio of projects include:

  • Creating a global group of restaurants with a world-renowned Chef;
  • Film Production;
  • Advising a Fashion brand on a Global Marketing Strategy;
  • Consulting a global group of Hotels on expansion, and increasing client outreach and retention;
  • The development of a private island retreat in the Caribbean;
  • Luxury brand consulting and development;
  • Managing property developments in South Africa, North America and Europe;
  • And more…